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Arcgis An Underlying Database Error Occurred Class Not Registered


It also allows the one who collected the data to remember where they got their data. 5. Georeferencing a plan-view image would aid in constuction projects. I also had problems getting the image to not look so distorted. Descriptive attribute information allows others to know where you collected the data. More about the author

When intially trying to add data, I received the following error message: "Failed to connect to database. Lab Four Image prior to Georeferencing. Everyone loves GPS. Class not registered" After doing a quick search on the ArcGIS Resources forums I found the following thread.

Arccatalog Failed To Connect To Database

Briefly discuss something useful that you learned about primary spatial data as you and your partners collected your GPS waypoints. Control points have yet to be added. I just used the data from the pic on the powerpoint slide for this assignment 2. I was absent on that day.

  1. If your tile package file is larger than 256 MB, you cannot add it to ArcGIS Online through the website.
  2. This error message usually appears if you added layers to your map and then add an OGC layer that isn't in Web Mercator, the projection of the basemaps in the default
  3. I cannot edit features I've added to my map.
  4. If you are joining a trial subscription, you cannot use an existing account.
  5. If you imported data from a file, there are limitations on how many features the map viewer displays.
  6. Mozilla Firefox In the address bar, type about:config to view the browser settings.
  7. Other layer types, such as layer packages, are not supported.
  8. Windows 7 does not allow you to index a mapped drive and the map packages do use indexing.
  9. You will also not see a legend for layers that are not accessible externally or that the map author has hidden.
  10. You'll find the executable here:C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcGIS\bin\ArcGISFileHandler.exeAt the bottom of the dialog, you can set the location to unpack packages.Thanks,MikeLike • Show 0 Likes0 Actions bulawalt Mar 24, 2011 10:39 AMI

An underlying database error occurred. What data-related problem did you encounter during the data collection process? Do you love GPS or what? 2007 Office System Driver Of course.

I noticed that adding control points in a random order was much better than doing it from left to right. 4. Arcmap Failed To Connect To Database An Underlying Database Error Occurred No problems were encountered. 3. I changed my excel file from a .xlsx to a .xls and that fixed the problem for me. Completed Georeferenced Image Final georeferenced campus raster .tiff map 1.

What GIS-related problem did you encounter during the GIS software georeferencing phase? Failed To Connect To Database Arcgis File Geodatabase From this image, they can design the golf course. 6. When georeferencing an image, why is important to collect descriptive attribute information along with the spatial information? For instance if a developer wanted to tear down a small town to build a golf course, he or she would have to hire someone to georeference a plan view image

Arcmap Failed To Connect To Database An Underlying Database Error Occurred

Name an example from your own interest area, or from another class you are taking, in which georeferencing a plan-view image would serve a purpose.