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Some routers offer Sticky-Sessions or the ability to "pin" a user to a server. Joerg - Monday, June 28, 2010 11:32:25 AM @Joerg: you should contact support. After a user has selected and viewed a few jobs, the current session values appear to randomly get mixed up. Hope that helps!

The example below specifies a text-only version of the page if the user has a low screen resolution: <%If Session("screenres")="low" Then%> This is the text version of the page <%Else%> Session["FirstName"] = firstName; Session["LastName"] = lastName; Session["City"] = city; // Read from session state in a Web Forms page class. But, do you really want 9k cookies? that doesn't exist? navigate to these guys

Asp Net Session Timeout

bleroy - Tuesday, March 13, 2007 5:55:51 PM Hi Betrand, Searching for an answer this weird is hard, even with google on our side. Background ASP.NET session state enables you to store and retrieve values for a user as the user navigates ASP.NET pages in a Web application. But the url path , flow and navigation is wrong. Below my code: Thx.

string GroupList = (string)(Session["UserGroups"]); This always returns an empty string. I'm working on migrating a classic ASP shopping cart app to .NET. The way in which session identifier values are sent between the client and the server. Asp.net Session Tutorial Are you sure you're hitting the same VDir from whence you came and successfully resetting the sliding expiration on the Session ID?

This is critical as in the situation I am working with, the page originally requested is dependent on unavailable services and it is important that this code does not execute. Copyright 1999-2016 by Refsnes Data. With your code using Session.Clear() it worked fine (default.aspx displayed "test" in the label). this content Thanks!

Bertrand Le Roy - Monday, August 3, 2009 6:43:01 AM But I have no static variables. Session Variables C# Browse other questions tagged c# asp.net facebook or ask your own question. I am testing on Visual Studio 2008, it is really quite frustrating. They'll bake it into their design so deep that when it doesn't work, they're screwed.

Sessions In Asp Net C#

Is the ASP.NET SessionID Cookie actually moving back and forth between browser and server. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/994a1482.aspx It's simple solution but very scalable. Asp Net Session Timeout I'm sure you know some of this already, but I'll explain anyway(!): In the Application_Error event, the sender object can be cast and you can retrieve the HttpApplication object and the Asp.net Session Variables Could there be some sort of group policy being applied on one of the domains that is setting security on IE that interferes with sessions/cookies?

PriyaS - Friday, December 7, 2007 6:14:39 PM Priya: if you provide more details on how it fails, we might be able to tell what's going on. What I can tell you is the information SHOULD be available to you. On one particular condition we need to redirect the user to the old ASP site to grab the details. It always works on localhost, but not on the server. How To Store Value In Session In Asp Net C#

However, you can also configure the application to store SessionID values in the URL for a "cookieless" session. However, read-only requests for session data might still have to wait for a lock set by a read-write request for session data to clear. And these session cookies are persisting, so that if you bounce back and forth between http and https (even on the same page), you will retrieve two separate session IDs. Is the session timing out?

try { //do something } catch (Exception ex) { ExceptionRecorder.RecordExceptionInDatabase(ex); } The exceptionRecorder does not exist, this is an example.. How To Use Session In Asp Net For Login And Logout Still, it is good practice to not abort the thread (and thus use the overload with the false parameter). 169 Comments Why not use Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect especially if both So, if you want to use application_error event in to handle errors, you better be sure that you don't need ANY context information about the error like what user caused it,

However, when I post to a production server all that is returned is the application variables.

If you do not want session state enabled for your application, you can set the session mode to Off. If I dump out the session variable 'UserGroups' to a label or something within this method, it does display the variable contents correctly. For what it's worth, when we experienced this problem after a deployment it turned out to be the server name containing an underscore as mentioned in Update 2. Session In Asp.net Mvc To create a global error handler To create a global handler in a page, create a handler for the TemplateControl.Error event.

This reduces the potential for a malicious user to get the unique identifier in the URL and use it to retrieve private user data stored in the session. Waiting too long for an idle session uses up resources on the server, but if the session is deleted too soon the user has to start all over again because the So it is very strange that these objects do not produce any data when an error happens at this stage of the request life cycle. (To read more on the application c# asp.net facebook share|improve this question edited Apr 23 '11 at 8:57 outis 49k889141 asked Dec 15 '09 at 10:10 user231863 614 did my answer help u ? –Ahmy

Otherwise, I am not really a production debugging expert, so cannot advise further on getting to the source of your problem. One thing I can tell you is that the client will never receive the first page: a redirect works by sending the browser a special header that instructs it to navigate UPDATE: I wanted to update this post and point folks to Maarten Balliauw's most excellent series on Out of Proc Session State (StateServer). Can one circumstance give both Advantage and Disadvantage?

This means you don't get quite as many HTTP requests coming through, which therefore eases the pressure on your Web server and makes your applications run faster. But my production code (about 500 lines) does lose session() vars... It seems like the problem started when there was an upgrade on IE8. C#VB Copy string firstName = "Jeff"; string lastName = "Smith"; string city = "Seattle"; // Save to session state in a Web Forms page class.

The following code example shows a handler that gets information about the current error, puts it into a Session variable, and then calls a generic error-handling page that can extract and