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Possibly you are trying to make objects child objects of each other. An uncaught error also causes an error dialog box displaying the error event to appear when content is running in the debugger version of Flash Player or the AIR Debug Launcher Expected 1, got _. 1113OP_newactivation used in method without NEED_ACTIVATION flag. You can also create a subclass of the Error class and throw instances of that subclass.

It must not be null or empty a blank string. 3103Operation cannot be performed while there is an open transaction on this connection. 3104A SQLConnection must be open to perform this Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.2149Security sandbox violation: %1 cannot make fscommand calls to %2 (allowScriptAccess is %3).2150An object cannot be added as a child to OggNo preview available - 2012The Geologic Time Scale 2012, 2-Volume SetF. It can also happen if the operating system returns an error when the runtime attempts to access the database file. 3126Database lock protocol error.3127Database is empty.3128Disk I/O error occurred. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/runtimeErrors.html

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Indicates that the connection could not be completed because the database file could not be opened. You are attempting to use an invalid file with the player: the tool that generates the SWF may be out of date or the SWF itself may be corrupt. 1043Invalid code_length=_. See the note at the bottom of this table.* 1052Invalid URI passed to _ function. There is a network problem.

Valid values are: SQLTransactionLockType.DEFERRED SQLTransactionLockType.IMMEDIATE SQLTransactionLockType.EXCLUSIVE 3113Reference specified is not of type File.3114 An invalid open mode was specified. See the note at the bottom of this table.* 1044MethodInfo-_ unsupported flags=_. Lately the swf that I start localy do not check where they are started and I get a thrown errors… you can just make it little more professional by reading it. Flash Errors Rails When rendering to the back buffer all render to texture slots must be disabled.3729When rendering to multiple textures all textures must have the same dimension and render settings.3730When rendering to multiple

For more information, see the Data type support section in the appendix SQL support in local databases. 3133An internal error occurred.3134Feature not supported on this operating system.3135Authorization denied.3136Auxiliary database format error.3137An As3 Throw Error If this error occurs in AIR, reinstall AIR. If you are using the doConversion() or setComposition() method, these methods are not supported for Macintosh OSX. 2065The focus cannot be set for this target.2066The Timer delay specified is out of Mon Sep 12 2016, 07:14 PM -07:00 Legal Notices|Online Privacy Policy current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

If you are using the setConversionMode() or setEnabled() method, ActionScript 3.0 replaces these methods with the access property. As3 Uncaughterrorevent toString()methodoverride public function toString():StringLanguage Version:ActionScript 3.0Runtime Versions:AIR 1.0, Flash Player 9, Flash Lite 4 Returns the string "Error" by default or the value contained in the Error.message property, if defined. For more information, see the FileFilter class in this language reference. 2098The loading object is not a .swf file, you cannot request SWF properties from it. 2099The loading object is not See the note at the bottom of this table. * 1012The last instruction exceeded code size.

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Internal stores are corrupt and has been deleted. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1372245/how-to-handle-error-2035-url-not-found/1373343 It is Singleton with decorator design pattern. As3 Error Codes This is accomplished with the following steps: A local variable nullArray of Array type is declared, but notice that a new Array object is never created.The constructor attempts to load a How To Fix Adobe Flash Player Actionscript Error It must be overridden by a subclass. 2089The Proxy class does not implement setProperty.

Detected %3 but can only support %2 for %1 program.3722Event.FRAME_LABEL event can only be registered with FrameLabel object.3723Invalid Context3D bounds. This class handle PrintJob. The Flash Access module will then reindividualize. 3324Reset license files and the client will fetch a new machine token. The namespace constructor throws this error if you try to pass in an empty URI with a non-empty prefix as in this example: ns = new Namespace ("prefix", ""); 1100Cannot supply Flex Error Codes

Event objects are passed as parameters to event listeners. What are the holes on the sides of a computer case frame for? However, the code is supposed to handle this error silently since I wire IOErrorEvent If this is not the appropriate way to handle IOError, how to handle IOErrors? For example, this statement creates a regular expression and specifies flag settings: var re:RegExp = new RegExp("ali", /s) Alternatively, this statement creates a regular expression that has the same flags as

You passed a value less than 2 or greater than 36 for the radix argument of a method or property. Flexnet Error The filename cannot contain spaces or any of the following characters: /, \, :, *, ?, ", <, >, |, %, or the ASCII control characters 0 through 31 (0x00 through Pass only integers as index values for arrays. 1006Call attempted on an object that is not a function.

Copy var err:Error = new Error(); trace(err.toString()); // Error err = new Error("New Error Message"); trace(err.toString()); // Error: New Error Message Method DetailgetStackTrace()method public function getStackTrace():StringLanguage Version:ActionScript 3.0Runtime Versions:AIR 1.0,

By default, the value of this property is "Error". See the note at the bottom of this table.* 1040The right-hand side of instanceof must be a class or function. See the note at the bottom of this table.* 1019Getscopeobject _ is out of bounds. As3 Try Catch Expected 1, got %d1113OP_newactivation used in method without NEED_ACTIVATION flag See the note at the bottom of this table. * 1114OP_getglobalslot or OP_setglobalslot used with no global scope See the note

No policy files granted access. 2124Loaded file is an unknown type. 2125Security sandbox violation: _ cannot use Runtime Shared Library _ because crossing the boundary between ActionScript 3.0 and ActionScript 1.0/2.0 You are using an undefined lexical reference. Close some of the applications or processes running on your system. 1001The method _ is not implemented. 1002Number.toPrecision has a range of 1 to 21. could be busy).

Indicates that the operation could not be completed because the statement caused a violation of one or more data integrity constraints. For more information, see the CREATE TABLE section in the appendix SQL support in local databases. 3132Data type mismatch. The addPage() method is not used correctly. This may be due to a dropped NetConnection.2159The SharedObject Object is invalid.2160The TextLine is INVALID and cannot be used to access the current state of the TextBlock.2161An internal error occured while

Gradstein, J. As you know AS3 PrintJob can be very hard to deal with, in case of using it all over the place and cause this nasty errors like: Error: Error #2141: Only This error can also occur if a security error occurs during network access. The authors have been at the forefront of chronostratigraphic research and initiatives to create an international geologic time scale for many years, and the charts in this book present the most

Run-time type checking occurs in ActionScript 3.0 whether you compile in strict mode or warning mode. flash.events ErrorEvent - AS3 Properties | Properties | Constructor | Methods | Global Constants | Events | Styles | Skin Parts | Skin States | Effects | Constants | Global Functions Flash Player or AIR cannot detect the connection type. Event listeners can access this information through the inherited type property.

At token %3 of %1 program.3625AGAL validation failed: Bad AGAL source operands. For more information, see Socket Connections in this language reference. 2032Stream Error.2033Key Generation Failed.2034An invalid digest was supplied.2035URL Not Found.2036Load Never Completed.2037Functions called in incorrect sequence, or earlier call was unsuccessful.2038File For more information, see the Data type support section in the appendix SQL support in local databases. 3133An internal error occurred. 3134Feature not supported on this operating system. 3135Authorization denied. 3136Auxiliary All miplevels are required when mipmapping is enabled.3701The output color register can not use a write mask.

G. major_version=_ minor_version=_. Indicates that the operation could not be completed because of a data type mismatch error. A policy file is required, but the checkPolicyFile flag was not set when this media was loaded. 2123Security sandbox violation: _: _ cannot access _.

Can one circumstance give both Advantage and Disadvantage? Wrong magic byte for %1 program.3617AGAL validation failed: Bad AGAL version for %1 program. This may be due to a failed NetConnection. 2155The ExternalInterface.call functionName parameter is invalid.