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As3 Error 1021 Duplicate Function Definition

Can I mount 3 blades on a 5 blade ceiling fan? I have 4 custom buttons at the bottom of the slide show. It's allowed me to get one of the buttons to work as I'd like, but when I go to duplicate the code for the other BTN's, it errors out. function setupEvents() {infBTN.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickButton);}setupEvents();[code]...... my review here

also when i click btn2 it will play video2 and all the buttons will be hidden when the video finish playing it will be visible again and the same thing for i created a movie http://candmphotography.com/images/homebanner.swf now, i am trying to make it so when i click on each image, it goes to different url. Intuition behind Harmonic Anlysis in Anlaytic Number Theory? Charging the company I work for to rent from myself How to update vim plugins with pathogen package manager Why did companions have such high social standing? https://www.kirupa.com/forum/showthread.php?351665-Help-with-error-1021-duplicate-function-definition

I have looked up this error and it seems to indicate that I have two functions named the same within the same scope, but I can't see where this is true. as I said their a 24 separate images that i need to point to 24 sites, my deadline in the end of October here. To learn how to continue using your existing account on the new forums, check out this thread. Reply With Quote 06-09-2008,04:49 PM #2 5TonsOfFlax View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Will moderate for beer Join Date Apr 2007 Location Austin, TX Posts 6,801 The only thing I

Subtraction with a negative result Does the existence of Prawn weapons suggest other hostile races in the District 9 universe? At this point, each button is supposed to take you to a different set of frames, animate, stop and rinse and repeatcurrently, my AS looks as follows (frame 1)ActionScript Code:rear_switch.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame);function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame(event:MouseEvent):void[code]...... Here is the code I've used on the btns that exist within the MC: var rewt:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); rewt = root as MovieClip; ANNULUS.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickSection); function clickSection(event:MouseEvent) { rewt.gotoAndStop("ANNULUS"); } View 2 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: Loading Album - Duplicate Function Definition Aug 1, 2009 I am a beginner when it comes to ActionScript.

Reply With Quote 06-09-2008,04:55 PM #3 florianvanthuyn View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage lemon juice hurts your eyes Join Date Jul 2005 Location Merelbeke, Belgium Posts 546 Hmm, I've always Thank you so much in advance! ktrach March 16, 2010 Dude your the best! Why do we not require websites to have several independent certificates? I´m using this code on the first Frame:Code: Select allstop();
import flash.display.*;
import flash.net.URLRequest;
import flash.events.Event;
/* Click to Go to Frame and Stop
Clicking on the specified symbol instance moves

What to tell to a rejected candidate? Intro Scene "Main_ Sequence" 15 Individually title song pages .... Should i use this code? } b80.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownHandler5); function mouseDownHandler5(event:MouseEvent):void { gotoAndStop("Scene 1″); If its correct where shall i but it because direct on the button you cant have a action. Can I assign different variables to the code for each image and call each one using a function, if so what is this code.

Assault Rifle Generator, Layer ‘ACTIONSCRIPT!!', Frame 1, Line 845 1120: Access of undefined property CoverDown. Replace 1 with the frame number you would like the movie to play from in the specified scene.*/Tools_button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToScene);function fl_ClickToGoToScene(event:MouseEvent):void{ MovieClip(this.root).gotoAndPlay(1, "Toolse");}/* Click to Go to Scene and PlayClicking on the Search Engine Optimisation provided by DragonByte SEO (Lite) - vBulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2016 DragonByte Technologies Ltd. There is an instance of a button on each layer, size_button on sizeLayer Talktime_button on talktimeLayer I've added the following code to frame 49 of the actions layer stop(); this.size_button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, sizeHandler);

function nClick(event:MouseEvent):void{gotoAndPlay(25);} View 2 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: Error 1021: Duplicate Function Definition? this page How do i do it? If not, try enabling javascript. Like sticking a label " Ferrari " on the Ferrari car.

gotoAndStop(3); gotoAndStop(); Solution: Add/remove parameters so the correct amount are passed to the function 1151 A conflict exists with definition [Something] in namespace [Something]. Replace the number 5 in the code below with the frame number you would like the playhead to move to when the symbol instance is clicked.

pano1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_6);

get redirected here does any body know? Justin B November 25, 2009 hey, I tried using your help from what you gave Chris, in the 2nd post… but even with your code, the

Replace "Scene 3" with the name of the scene you would like play.2. If I only knew what function names and calls are in this code. But … I stumble on problems I don't seem to be able to fix.

It works for me… almost.

Obviously I am not learning fast enough and made some mistake.thumpy.addEventListerner(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);function onClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {var url:String = "[URL]";var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);navigateToURL(req, "_blank");} View 5 Replies Professional :: Duplicate Function Definition Error btw, what is hsc stands for? I can get the first button, and the last button to work, but for some reason I cannot get the middle two buttons to work. However, the buttons that link to a frame located prior to the current frame it will not go back.

thanks! Crispin November 30, 2009 Thanks for the support. Home Submit Resource Tracker Forum Advance Search ActionScript 3.0 :: Error Message: 1021: Duplicate Function Definition? i added this action in an action layer, but when i publish it, i get an error msg. "Access of undefined property Kids. useful reference QuestionMC.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick); QuestionMC.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, questionOver); QuestionMC.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, questionOut); function questionOver(event:MouseEvent):void { event.target.alpha = .5; } function questionOut(event:MouseEvent):void { event.target.alpha = 1; } function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void { //trace("click!!!"); event.target.y -= 15; event.target.rotation += 45; }

var count:Number = 0; //more code var count:Number = 0; Solution: Rename one of the variables so there is not a duplicate. 1170 Function does not return a value. There are a total of 15 buttons but when I try and export it to flash movie to see if it work I get 14 error messages telling me I have function nClick(event:MouseEvent):void{gotoAndPlay(1);} Here are all the action commands.....actions frame 1.....stop();openAfricaarabia.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK , nClick);{[code]....All of which (this way round) leads to....Scene 1, 'Layers Actions ', Frame 1... 1021: Duplicate function definition. So when clicked once a sound is played and the still image pops up and when clicked for the second time, sound stops and so does the image.

Assault Rifle Generator, Layer ‘ACTIONSCRIPT!!', Frame 1, Line 850 1120: Access of undefined property BarrelDown. Where my first issue is the "main sequence" has 15 Buttons and I need to link them to the 15 separate scenes ...I am using the following code... Why are some programming languages turing complete but lack some abilities of other languages? This error can be the product of a lot of different errors.  The [Something] could be a semi-colon, curly brace, or any other character.  In most cases, this error shows up

I'm wondering if there is a new instance name I'm not naming or something else…. The books are sometimes not much help. The source of the two errors is in the function speed. [Code]... When I test the movie, it runs fine, the two middle buttons(Contacts and Link) do nothing when you click on them.

I'll give u the website as soon as it is finished.