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Arch Linux Klibc Error

Comment by Giuseppe Calderaro (iceman81) - Monday, 10 March 2008, 22:31 GMT v86d package in testing does NOT work with fbcondecor+splash at boot in initramfs. Will give an error message:klibc: /usr/lib/klibc/include/asm/Kbuild exists in filesystem ........ filelist.txt (6.1 KiB) Comment by Brett Williams (vor_lord) - Friday, 24 October 2008, 04:35 GMT Thanks for your help, this fixed the problem for me! Today it was moved to core and the error was repeated. click site

Hopefully that is what has been asked for. I think it should even be backwards-compatible to older kernels, unless you try to use new features that are in .26 and newer only. 4) The message about replace means the Shared knowledge makes the world better. Offline #3 2006-01-16 19:20:15 _Gandalf_ Member Registered: 2006-01-12 Posts: 735 Re: klibc error Well am trying to re-compile gensplash because i installed 2.6.15-archck1 with gensplash compiled it didn't work, i want https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/12824

When a program cannot be found, although it is obviously available, there must be something wrong with the loader. May be this could be included in an official repo since it is a needed in order to use a kernel module in the stock kernel. Assembly lasts about 30 minutes therefore we are engaged in another matters.

now it works perfectly. Perhaps klibc has been updated to work with 2.6.27.x only. (Which could shed more light on why the loader fails, producing a hardly understandable message about the missing replace command. (It i changed /lib/initcpio/install/v86d and /lib/initcpio/hooks/v86d. It is very simple to cope with it (at least 3 methods are).

Let's select the simplest — it is feasible #rm /usr/lib/klibc/include/asm and again we will start #pacman -Su. I also built v86d. Comment by Aaron Griffin (phrakture) - Monday, 20 October 2008, 19:57 GMT Also, could you post the file generated by the -s argument (mkinitcpio ... -s filelist.txt ...)? Tried both reinstalling klibc-* from binary repositories or recompiling it from ABS, but nothing helped.

Well, the bug such is. Comment by Thomas Bächler (brain0) - Saturday, 17 January 2009, 11:13 GMT This should work with any kernel source. However, this initcpio could be unnecessary, for me it is enough that the user lists the regulating daeomon in BINARIES in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf. Targets (85): kernel-headers- ncurses-5.7-2 texinfo-4.13a-1 tzdata-2008i-1 glibc-2.9-2 readline-5.2.013-1 bash-3.2.048-2 diffutils-2.8.1-6 m4-1.4.12-1 autoconf-2.63-1 gcc-libs-4.3.2-2 db-4.7.25-2 perl-5.10.0-4 automake-1.10.2-1 binutils-2.19-1 bison-2.4.1-1 bzip2-1.0.5-3 zlib- openssl-0.9.8j-1 run-parts-2.30-1 ca-certificates-20080809-5 cracklib-2.8.13-1 device-mapper-1.02.29-1 e2fsprogs-1.41.3-2 libgcrypt-1.4.3-2 popt-1.14-1 cryptsetup-1.0.6-2 dhcpcd-4.0.7-1 dialog-1.1_20080819-1

i think all the packages about v86d on aur are quite useless now. https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/11757 Installation of the module of the network interface card. Arriba Mostrar mensajes previos: Todos los mensajes1 día7 días2 semanas1 mes3 meses6 meses1 año Ordenar por AutorFecha publicaciónAsunto AscendenteDescendente Responder Vista para imprimir 7 mensajes • Página 1 de 1 Volver Comment by Giuseppe Calderaro (iceman81) - Monday, 10 March 2008, 22:44 GMT using v86d_klibc i get this error uvesafb: Getting VBE info block failed (eax=0x4f00, err=-3) uvesafb: vbe_init() failed with -22

This task depends upon Closed byThomas Bächler (brain0) Sunday, 07 December 2008, 18:39 GMT Reason for closing: None Comments (14) Related Tasks (0/0) Comment by Aristóteles Soares Benício (asbenicio) - Thursday, get redirected here Usuarios navegando por este Foro: Yahoo [Bot] y 0 invitados Índice general Todos los horarios son UTC-02:00 Borrar todas las cookies del Sitio El Equipo Contáctenos Desarrollado por phpBB Forum Software Comment by Roman Kyrylych (Romashka) - Sunday, 19 October 2008, 14:46 GMT see FS#8832 starting from this message: http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/8832#comment28765 for more comments, I'm trying to move that discussion here Comment by Let's insert the correct MD5 sum of the kernelconfig file there.

  1. And actually the possible scenarios with uvesafb are heterogeneous, as you can see in the wiki article for uvesafb: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Uvesafb, so perhaps it is enough to package the v86d regulating daemon
  2. In Arch Linux for management of packets Pacman is used.
  3. But apparently it doesn't work, so I uninstalled it, reinstalled libgl, did a depmod -a and rebooted.
  4. Here goes: bash-3.2# pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing package databases...
  5. v86d-ice works even with all this tricks.

kernel26.img (751.4 KiB) Comment by Thomas Bächler (brain0) - Thursday, 23 October 2008, 19:43 GMT There is the same error for both of you: By the time the image was generated, Or, maybe, lilo failed after all. 2) Do not build klibc-* from ABS. You have to be very careful about what you are doing and you are more likely to screw up than actually fix something. 3) Current klibc is built against the 2.6.26 http://dis-lb.net/arch-linux/arch-linux-error-17.php I assembled the module only for the network interface card, for wi-fi did not collect because everything became at work and there is no wi-fi network, unfortunately, here.

And, when all packets will be downloaded — there will be awful. core is up to date extra is up to date community is up to date :: Starting full system upgrade... warning: dependency cycle detected: warning: glibc will be installed before its bash dependency warning: dependency cycle detected: warning: ncurses will be installed before its glibc dependency looking for inter-conflicts...

When I install this, asm is a directory, and I actually copy some files there so klcc won't be broken.

Additional info: * package version(s): kernel26-2.6.24, klibc-1.5-3, v86d-0.1.3 Steps to reproduce: This task depends upon FS#9813 - mkinitcpio: add /dev/mem Closed byRoman Kyrylych (Romashka) Sunday, 06 April 2008, 09:09 GMT Reason Passé. We go to drink coffee (well or still what) while 125 MB of updates are loaded. Vanilla kernels can use the image too.

Now we execute command #pacman -Su also complete synchronization of packets will be started. REPEAT: Do NOT report bugs for outdated packages! Comment by Marco Rocco (ech0s7) - Thursday, 14 February 2008, 21:02 GMT brain0, klibc-extras doesn't compiles on kernel 2.6.24, this is the log of makepkg for klibc-extras: http://pastebin.archlinux.org/28770 Comment by Thomas my review here Romashka reported it working on i686, but I cannot make it work on x86_64, the screen simply becomes blank.

Well. I get the same error when the kernel 2.6.27 was in community. We agree. We execute, the chief:#pacman -S sudo #visudo The last command — editing, by means of a file vi special session /etc/sudoers.

core is up to date extra 412,9K 1535,6K/s 00:00:00 [########################################################] 100% community is up to date :: Starting full system upgrade... And it will be interesting to just beginning "archer". 1. This happened on a distant server, so I don't have the exact messages handy. see the bb thread, please (http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=57039) Steps to reproduce: vanilla kernel (and just about any kernel version in the past two years) worked fine with mkinitcpio. fails.

Si tenes un problema con un programa, muy probablemente este sea el foro indicado.