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Please advise how to install Rsync on the archlinux PirateBox. Karlsen Jul 26 '13 at 10:12 Always failed when I played it as well, could never get the hang of that game. –Tony Hopkinson Jul 26 '13 at 10:13 jonathon 2016-06-18 17:09:13 UTC #16 This doesn't make a lot of sense. Thanks all the same. –user1960581 Jul 30 '13 at 2:39 add a comment| You must log in to answer this question. click site

If that does not work however, then you should try the DNS solutions posted above. The second part is with a cable connected. -- Terminal output -- [[email protected] ~]# pacman -Sy :: Synchronizing package databases... If you use NetworkManager right click on icon, edit and choose manually the DNS. I would download the latest Arch Installation CD and re-install pacman from that. 404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /pub/archlinux/core/os/x86_64/core.db was

Arch Linux Download 64 Bit

To fix that, I simply opened /etc/resolv.conf, comment out everything that's in there and added the following: # Google nameserver nameserver nameserver When you restart, these changes are going What was different was that my workstation was connecting through the google nameserver before I had to do a reinstall. The Python botting thread Screen scrapping Screenshot C extension by smt1 - Can take screenshot of windows in the background and on multiple monitor. EDIT: This will not solve your problem right away (at best it's a workaround, because you should order it correctly again before upgrading) but it may point at a pacman (or

Can I mount 3 blades on a 5 blade ceiling fan? jonathon 2016-06-13 13:45:34 UTC #2 Pavlidis: Resolving timed out This means your DNS server isn't working or can't be contacted. The installer practically went through all the url's in the mirrorlist and couldn't connect to anything. Arch Linux Download Pkgbuild Pavlidis 2016-06-18 16:34:10 UTC #12 Hey man.

I am browsing the web fine through Firefox and Chromium. Arch Linux Download Manager The laptop was not connecting through the google nameserver. The first part, before the ======= is without cable connection. https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/yc9jx/error_failed_to_update_core_download_library_error/ more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

If it helps, I am able to use rankmirrors which downloads a list of mirrors and uncomments some of them for use, I presume that this is based upon speed. Arch Linux Download Youtube Video Have you set up HTTP or SOCKS proxy environment variables? Board index The team Delete all board cookies All times are UTC Toggle Navigation PIRATEBOX HowTos Installation OpenWrt RaspberryPi Android Troubleshooting OpenWrt Raspberry Pi Laptop Mods Overview OpenWrt RaspberryPi Laptop Log In Pacman weird update behaviour Technical Issues and Assistance Updating Pavlidis 2016-06-13 13:22:13 UTC #1 Hey guys.

Arch Linux Download Manager

Seems like the greece mirror might have some trouble. http://superuser.com/questions/624956/archlinux-pacman-syu-fails-all-the-time Is there a way to make a metal sword resistant to lava? Arch Linux Download 64 Bit looking for inter-conflicts... Arch Linux Download Raspberry Pi more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

error: failed retrieving file 'core.db' from mirror.archlinuxarm.org : Could not resolve host: mirror.archlinuxarm.org error: failed to update core (download library error) error: failed retrieving file 'extra.db' from mirror.archlinuxarm.org : Could not get redirected here I tried to view the files via web browser, succeeded and I could even download the files. This is not the first thread on this topic so finding a cause is going to be good. I tried to ping the ip addresses and "archlinux.igor.onlinedirect.bg", it workded. Arch Linux Download Package

Strit 2016-06-14 12:39:38 UTC #6 Or the currently used mirror is down.Try: sudo pacman-mirrors -g && sudo pacman -Syu Pavlidis 2016-06-14 12:45:33 UTC #7 Still the same. error: failed retrieving file 'core.db' from repo.manjaro.org.uk : Resolving timed out after 10520 milliseconds error: failed retrieving file 'core.db' from mirror.catn.com : Resolving timed out after 10519 milliseconds error: failed retrieving Good luck! :-) share|improve this answer answered May 14 at 23:57 Timothy Fry 112 add a comment| You must log in to answer this question. navigate to this website badbodh 2016-06-16 20:25:27 UTC #11 Ah you are the perfect candidate to try this Resolving timed out sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf Under the [options] section add this line (you will see other

At home i can update or install programs via the terminal. Arch Linux Download File Pavlidis 2016-06-18 16:47:39 UTC #15 Yes. This will help rule out whether your problem is related to pacman and/or its configuration, or whether your problem is related to your Internet connection.

And check it's logs.

I remembered that my laptop was having the same problem when I tried to update the system. I don't have a problem with Mozilla Firefox. Is it unethical to get paid for the work and time invested in thesis? Arch Linux Download Iso But I've found a difference between resolv.conf configurations: First rPi, with new hostname rpiOK has following resolv.conf setup: [[email protected] etc]$ ls -asl resolv* 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 Jan 1

Pavlidis 2016-06-18 17:11:02 UTC #17 I know man. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Translate in-line equations to TeX code (Any Package?) Subtraction with negative result How do I deal with players always (greedily) pushing for higher rewards? my review here see the below output[[email protected] ~]# pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing package databases...

But it's possible to restrict downloads to only one known mimetype (example - pdf and html only) over http. You probably need to talk to your sysadmin at work.When network is configured to allow traffic from known web browsers only (to save data-cost on windows updates), --user-agent trick works. It's not my main language. Also, run this command command cat /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist | grep aarnet.edu.au and verify the output matches this Server = http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch If it does not, download the latest mirror list and uncomment your

I can also install apps using Pamac fine. At work i can't. If it's not an upstream DNS server, try switching the servers to Google's public DNS servers (,, so: nameserver nameserver Next thought is IPv6. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]BasioMeusPuga 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago*(1 child)Have you tried a pacman -Syyu after changing mirrors?

permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]faultydesign[S] 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago(0 children)Yes, and I tried a lot of different mirrors with the same result. All the other devices in the house had internet. This issue isn't specific to the raspberry pi, as it seems to affect other platforms/systems running ArchLinux: Google Search for ArchLinux, Pacman, IPv6 In order to disable IPv6 on the RaspberryPi2, I came to this question because the pacman tag made me think it was about the game.

Why did companions have such high social standing? Subtraction with negative result Is my workplace warning for texting my boss's private phone at night justified? arch-linux share|improve this question edited Jul 30 '13 at 2:38 asked Jul 26 '13 at 10:08 user1960581 41 migrated from stackoverflow.com Jul 27 '13 at 19:38 This question came from our jonathon 2016-06-18 16:43:30 UTC #14 Can you confirm that you are browsing the web etc.

Now all packages are downloaded Satyam eva jayateRegistered linux user #535257 Offline Pages: 1 Index »Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues »[solved]pacman-download library error Board footer Jump to Newbie Corner Installation Kernel Log In Create A New Profile Home > Raspberry Pi(rate)Box > Raspberry Pi(rate)Box > Topic Advanced install RSYNC (archlinux) Posted by pablok Forum List Message List New Topic pablok install RSYNC Is there any way to make the cut command read the last field only? This is for blocking bots that try to post this form automatically. ** ** ******* ******* ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **