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Device Manager Slot Support Errors -360slotNumErrinvalid slot # error -400gcrOnMFMErrgcr format on high density media error Edition Manager Errors -450editionMgrInitErrManager not initialized or could notload package -451badSectionErrNot a valid section type error -6229 kDMDisplayNotFoundErr: Could not find item (will someday remove). Repairing the hardware on Mac is often a big task for many people, in this case, inviting a professional fixing utility or computer expert will be very needed. For some of them there are even more than 1 episode that hasn't downloaded. this content

In this case, in order to fix error 3105, you should firstly get know about the common or possible reasons of the error problem on the Mac. May 1, 2012 Trying to re-install Twitter from the Mac App Store. As we all known that the Mac computer is a kind of remarkably stable machine that people can get a better using experience with it, even though, problems and errors do Info:iTunes, Mac OS X (10.7.4) View 1 Replies View Related OS X :: Won't Work With ITunes / Frozen After Download Podcasts Oct 15, 2009 running iMac w/ snow leopard, I dig this

The domain name resolver will now query the domain name server and return the answer in the callback procedure. Click here to get the free tool. error -1727 errAENotAnObjSpec: Param to AEResolve not of type 'obj ' error -1726 errAEBadTestKey: Test is neither typeLogicalDescriptor nor typeCompDescriptor error -1725 errAENoSuchLogical: Something other than AND OR or NOT error to my Touch, log in, or even try to create a new account, i keep getting the same error: "We could not complete your iTunes store request.

Corrupted or overloaded preferences files on the Mac computer can easily cause the computer itself or some other applications cannot operate effectively and normally, and the error 3105 will thus be error -3154 kOTNoAddressErr: The endpoint could not allocate an address, or an address was required and not supplied by the client. When posting a log extract, be selective. error -3165 kOTBadFlagErr: An invalid flag was specified.

This has been possible with previous versions of iTunes and an iPod, for example. or dsAddressErr: address error error 3 siInitSPTblErr: slot priority table could not be initialized. I don't know where you click to select and download the podcasts that I'm interested in. Copy them to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.

View 2 Replies View Related ITunes :: 10 - Can't Delete Podcasts From IPhone 4S? error -415 btRecNotFnd: Record cannot be found. The good news is, nearly all these probable issues are exceptional. error -23003 ipLoadErr: Not enough room in the application heap (Macintosh 512K enhanced only) error -23002 ipNoCnfgErr: A configuration resource is missing.

Clean associated preferences files Preference is a type of file on the Mac that store the rules or parameters which aims at telling the applications about how they should work on http://icloudmobxoh.tk/itunes-error-3105-696 This error is returned when a function call is made while an endpoint is in the process of changing states. Your movies, TV shows, and music take center stage download mac pc discover world endless entertainment. MacSavior is an advanced Mac fix tool that allows you to fix the troublesome Mac issues automatically, and optimize the OS X in many aspects, which will be a good choice

Reserved field 0. -308smUnExBusErrUnexpected Bus Error -309smBLFieldBadByteLanes field was bad. -310smFHBlockRdErrError occured during _sGetFHeader. -311smFHBlkDispErrError occured during _sDisposePtr (Dispose ofFHeader block). -312smDisposePErr_DisposePointer error -313smNoBoardsRsrcNo Board sResource. -314smGetPRErrError occured during _sGetPRAMRec (See news This has happened a few times before too.EDIT - From iTunes saying that there are no new episodes of any of my subscribed to podcasts, I've ended up with 20 downloads error -316 smInitStatVErr: The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init. error -317 smInitTblVErr: An error occured while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table.

error -23047 dnrErr: The domain name server has returned an error. error -3153 kOTBadReferenceErr: The specified EndpointRef or TEndpoint* does not refer to a valid endpoint. error -43 fnfErr: File not found error -42 tmfoErr: too many files open error -41 mFulErr: memory full (open) or file won't fit (load) error -40 posErr: tried to position to have a peek at these guys error -23036 ipNoFragMemErr: Insufficient internal driver buffers available to fragment this packet on send.

error -20000 unknownInsertModeErr: There is no such an insert mode. can't go to requested dest error -2207 badDepthErr: CanŐt digitize into this depth error -2206 notExactSizeErr: CanŐt do exact size requested error -2205 noMoreKeyColorsErr: all key indexes in use error -2204 error -23014 invalidWDS: The WDS pointer was 0 (nil).

error -346 smBadsPtrErr: Bad pointer was passed to sCalcsPointer error -345 smsGetDrvrErr: Error occurred during _sGetDriver.

error -23008 connectionDoesntExist: The TCP stream has no open connection. error -5042 afpPwdExpiredErr: the password being used is too old: this requires the user to change the password before log-in can continue error -5041 afpPwdTooShortErr: the password being set is too error -6220 kDMGenErr: Unexpected Error error -5553 gestaltLocationErr: gestalt function ptr wasn't in sysheap error -5552 gestaltDupSelectorErr: tried to add an entry that already existed error -5551 gestaltUndefSelectorErr: undefined selector was or kDMNotFoundErr: Could not find item.

All other connection indications must be handled either by rejecting them with SndDisconnect, or by accepting them with Accept. An unknown error has occured (-9809)" Has anybody else had this error? error -3158 kOTLookErr: An asynchronous event has occurred on this endpoint. check my blog error -23044 noNameServer: No name server can be found for the specified name string.

Signing out of iTunes (trying everything). I get a screen offering to show me some podcast videos & tutorials).So, my question is:1. error -3169 kOTStructureTypeErr: An unsupported structure type was passed in the structType field. error -316 smInitStatVErr: The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init.

Same error message.OSX v 10.9.5Processor: 2.2Ghz. If this error occurs; check sInfo rec for more information. Restarting. error -23010 invalidStreamPtr: The specified TCP or UDP stream is not open.

error -290 smSDMInitErr: Error; SDM could not be initialized. error -23046 noAnsErr: None of the known name servers are responding.