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The first time I saw the error code, it looks like: { "error": { "message": "Error invalidating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user has changed the password.", No `access_token` required. `string`." }, .... ], "type": "user" } }Publishing Most nodes in the Graph API have edges that can be publishing targets, such as /{user-id}/feed or /{album-id}/photos. Modifying API Requests Some API endpoints can be used with extra parameters that will modify the request. At approximately ~5.45am PST we identified a system wide issue affecting the Publisher functionality in HootSuite. http://dis-lb.net/api-error/api-error-code-191-facebook.php

If you do this, the POST will be interpreted as if it were a GET. If your Facebook page contains an offer post then it will produce an unknown error in Facebook's API. next : The Graph API endpoint that will return the next page of data. Something else other than version maybe going on. you could try here

Facebook Api Error Code: 191

This happens mostly if we schedule a post/tweet through the app. 0 Michael Pena September 2013 Sarah - After getting the same red Facebook API error message on HootSuite, I've gone After reconnecting this way, I then scheduled a post, but still get the red error message once I click "Schedule" ... We've put together step-by-step directions at the link above but are always happy to help if you have any questions or issues along the way.

#19 - Plugin update required Here is the general format that field expansion takes: GET graph.facebook.com /{node-id}?

  1. fields={} in this case would be one or more (comma-separated) fields or edges from the parent node. would be one or more (comma-separated) fields or edges from the first-level node.
  2. admin.setAppProperties 212 API_EC_PERMISSION_OFFLINE_ACCESS Renewing a session offline requires the extended permission offline_access 220 API_EC_PERMISSION_ALBUM Album or albums not visible 221 API_EC_PERMISSION_PHOTO Photo not visible 230 API_EC_PERMISSION_MESSAGE Permissions disallow message to user
  3. I will report this to the management team is you do the same...
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  5. I lost my jury summons, what can I do?
  6. Thanks so much for your patience while we went through the steps of confirming this issue.
  7. To do this use the setting in the following location: Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc > Misc Settings > Request Method.

Change the content of the post and try again.1609005Error Posting LinkThere was a problem scraping data from the provided link. You can choose the fields or edges that you want returned with the fields query parameter. method=deleteSearching You can search over many public objects in the social graph with the /search endpoint. Win32 Api Error 2 Lightroom Appcelerator and Titanium are registered trademarks.

For the last 3 days i have not been able to post to groups, and i have re connected my facebook gone through all the steps you have told me to The Description string is subject to change without prior notice.blame_field_specs This is a property included in the error_data blob of any API call that results in a validation error, which indicates Wait and retry the operation. In the section labeled ## SITE/SERVER INFO: ## you should see the three items highlighted below.

Multiple ID Read Requests You can make a single GET request that retrieves multiple nodes by using the ?ids endpoint with the object IDs of those nodes. Ads Api Facebook You bid {bid}.1487015The ad creative is invalid1487065Ad Missing Targeting Spec: Ad spec needs a targeting spec. An easy way to determine whether your page is set to public is to make sure you’re signed out of your Facebook account and then try to visit your page. Log in or register to post comments Comment #4 Branndon CreditAttribution: Branndon commented May 26, 2011 at 10:14pm FileSize Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 3.13.17 PM.png27.75 KB This works for the connect

Facebook Api Error Code 100 Link Url Is Not Properly Formatted

To get this information, add metadata=1 to the Graph API request: GET graph.facebook.com /{node-id}? Download the PDF for all the FAQs HERE! < Prev Back To Index Next > Menu Search Search Products▶ Showcase Demo Support▶ About Us▶ Login Menu ◀ Products Products Overview Product Facebook Api Error Code: 191 Technical term to denote opposite of dependency injection? Facebook Api Error Hootsuite Posts: 1 2pmedia July 22, 2015| Permalink Same here… Posts: 1 Shannon July 22, 2015| Permalink Same here: Facebook API Error returned for [PageID]: An unknown error has occurred.

You can check this by going to the plugin's Settings page, clicking on the Support tab and then scrolling down to your System Info section. Simply check the option which says ‘Test my Access Token' and paste it in to see whether or not it's valid. Between ~5.45am PST and 9:30am PST, the HootSuite Publisher was sporadically available for scheduling. If you click +1, we'll keep you updated! Win32 Api Error 2

Otherwise, they must login to the app again.463ExpiredLogin status or access token has expired, been revoked, or is otherwise invalid. Log in or register to post comments Comment #7 nerdatwork CreditAttribution: nerdatwork commented September 4, 2011 at 4:04pm Has anyone solved this problem? I used to be able to do the same now in the last few days it does not even work,, I cant even send nothing from this service,, you need to this content The good news is that v2.4 of their API is still working, and so our developers are already hard at work writing an upgrade to the Importer plugin that will use

If only one of either PHP allow_url_fopen or PHP cURL is marked as No then the plugin should still function as expected. Api Facebook Login If the number of posts or your post limit is 100 or more, try reducing it to see whether posts then appear. Determining Version used by API Requests When you're building an app and making Graph API requests, you might find it useful to be able to determine what version of the API

previous : The Graph API endpoint that will return the previous page of data.

The post belongs to {otherDestination}; try using this as the destination or using a post that belongs to the specified Page. Posts: 27 Topics: 17 media325 July 22, 2015| Permalink Facebook import has stopped working as of this morning and I receive the error message as shown. Marketplace Events Overview About Company Jobs Leadership Contact Us Partners Our Customers Case Studies App Showcase Press Whitepapers Webinars Research Videos Blog Developer Enterprise Product Updates Titanium Reach out & stay Api Facebook Profile Picture next : The Graph API endpoint that will return the next page of data.

fql.query*,fql.multiquery 611 FQL_EC_DEPRECATED_TABLE FQL field specified is invalid in this context. users.setStatus 260 API_EC_PERMISSION_PHOTO_UPLOAD Modifying existing photos requires the extended permission photo_upload photos.upload,photos.addTag 261 API_EC_PERMISSION_VIDEO_UPLOAD Modifying existing photos requires the extended permission photo_upload photos.upload,photos.addTag 270 API_EC_PERMISSION_SMS Permissions disallow sms to user. 280 API_EC_PERMISSION_CREATE_LISTING Creating All Rights Reserved Contact Smash Balloon Terms & Stuff Become an Affiliate Work Here Mailing List Follow @smashballoon Tweet Wing's FAQ on FB Dev - Where can I get the List have a peek at these guys Name Description Type return_ssl_resourcesUsed when you require a picture to be returned over a secure connection (HTTPS) to avoid mixed content warnings in browsers.boollocaleUsed if your app needs the ability to

As you all share the same IP address then if one of those website's has the IP address blacklisted/blocked by Facebook then all of the websites on the server are also Posts: 72 Topics: 7 Douglas July 23, 2015| Permalink Update. Log in or register to post comments Comment #20 shijobaby CreditAttribution: shijobaby commented March 6, 2013 at 6:52am http://answerforu.com Log in or register to post comments Comment #21 Happyfunnyme CreditAttribution: Happyfunnyme How can it be that 200+ of my facebook friends use this service and all post to over 200 facebook groups per day..

error_user_msg: The message to display to the user. Something like that. Facebook import is working this morning. Happy days.

fql.query,fql.multiquery 614 FQL_EC_UNRESOLVED_DEPENDENCY Unresolved dependency in multiquery fql.multiquery 615 FQL_EC_INVALID_SEARCH This search is invalid fql.query,fql.multiquery 617 FQL_EC_TOO_MANY_FRIENDS_FOR_PRELOAD The user you queried against has too many friends to be used with Preload What happens if you try to schedule to that page? Please let us know if you guys notice anything else. Mobile/SMS Errors Error number PHP Constant name Error description Generated by methods 850 API_EC_SMS_INVALID_SESSION Invalid sms session. 851 API_EC_SMS_MSG_LEN Invalid sms message length. 852 API_EC_SMS_USER_QUOTA Over user daily sms quota. 853 API_EC_SMS_USER_ASLEEP Unable

Instead of just letting me go through, it asked me to do something with Facebook or Twitter or my email address to verify? For example, a Graph API call that generates a request with v2.0 will have the following HTTP header: facebook-api-version:v2.0This facebook-api-version header allows you to determine whether API calls are being returned To start testing your apps, grab the 3.5.2 CI Build from http://builds.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html#3_5_X. For example, to lookup the Facebook Developers page and the current session user in a single request, you could use the following Graph API call: GET graph.facebook.com /?ids=platform,meWhich is equivalent to

It must be at least $1.00 per day.", "code":1487901, "is_transient":false, "error_data":{ "blame_field_specs":[ ["daily_budget"] ] } } } Indicates that the daily_budget field of the API spec is at fault and in However, I am using my wordpress shortened links. Please verify that you are using an approved account.1487301Custom Audience Unavailable: The custom audience you're trying to use hasn't been shared with your ad account. Specified Page: {destination}.1487366Custom Audience Has Been Deleted: Cannot use deleted custom audience.