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Error Code: 25 Parameter is_starred must be true or false Problem: The value specified for is_starred could not be interpreted as a boolean. Consider omitting one of them.) Error Code: 46 This API user lacks sufficient permissions for the requested operation Problem: The currently authenticated API user has does Check the value of the alt request parameter. The 202 response is intentionally non-committal. http://dis-lb.net/api-error/api-error-codes-twitter.php

If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 404 (Not Found) can be used instead. Consult the documentation for the API 90 Invalid format: Start Date must follow format yyyy-mm-dd Requirement when sorting a user's activity list 100 Invalid format: End Date must follow format yyyy-mm-dd Here they also throw an #803 error but with no information about what #803 is or how to react to it. Solution: Check parameter spellings.

Api Error Codes Best Practices

If you need more, add them. Error Code: 56 Invalid number entered for field Problem: The value entered doesn't match the field's type of Number. This is the appropriate response when the server does not recognize the request method and is not capable of supporting it for any resource. FORBIDDEN (403) Error code Description forbidden The requested operation is forbidden and cannot be completed.

  1. If the request method was not HEAD and the server wishes to make public why the request has not been fulfilled, it SHOULD describe the reason for the refusal in the
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  4. Some servers may wish to simply refuse the connection.
  5. Consequently, the API server could not understand the request.
  6. It is now much easier to see the return code when using frameworks than it was in the past.
  7. Wikipedia The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time.
  8. Wikipedia The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors. 423 Locked (WebDAV) The 423 (Locked) status code means the source or destination resource of a
  9. In a POST request the response will contain an entity describing or containing the result of the action.

Wikipedia This and all future requests should be directed to the given URI. 302 Found The requested resource resides temporarily under a different URI. If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 404 (Not Found) can be used instead. This response MUST NOT use the multipart/byteranges content- type. Twitter Error Sending Message Forbidden BAD_REQUEST (400) Error code Description badRequest The API request is invalid or improperly formed.

Solution: Wait a little before making more requests. Facebook Api Error Codes Error Code: 64 Email content missing required variables Problem: The content of the email is missing required variables Solution: Ensure that all required variables, such as Now I know my ABCs, won't you come and golf with me? https://dev.twitter.com/overview/api/response-codes Solution: Verify that the timestamp adheres to GNU standards for date and time input.

Unless it was a HEAD request, the response SHOULD include an entity containing a list of available entity characteristics and location(s) from which the user or user agent can choose the Rest Api Error Codes Best Practices Error Code: 8 Invalid time range Problem: The provided start timestamp is later than the end timestamp. My content type is XML at the moment, but I plan to support JSON in future. Solution: Ensure that only valid integer values were provided.

Facebook Api Error Codes

Wikipedia The server does not meet one of the preconditions that the requester put on the request. 413 Request Entity Too Large The server is refusing to process a request because dailyLimitExceeded The daily quota limit has been reached, and the project has been blocked due to abuse. Api Error Codes Best Practices Error Code: 60 Invalid HTTP request method Problem: Cannot delete with this method. Windows Api Error Codes Error Code: 48 Invalid visit ID Problem: The provided visit ID does not exist in Pardot.

Resolution: Delay retries at an exponential rate (e.g., retry after 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 8 minutes, and so on). http://dis-lb.net/api-error/api-error-codes-best-practices.php Will You? 30116 Kubernetes Authentication for the Enterprise 29786 Apigee API Management Available for Apps in AWS Ma... 29831 Ticketmaster Brings the DevJam to San Jose! 29706 Why Apigee Auto-Scaling Matters Solution: Verify that the campaign ID is accurate. They are already established universal codes conveying the status of response, and therefore, to be truly RESTful, the applications must use this framework to communicate the response status. Paypal Api Error Codes

Stack Overflow for example sends out an object with response, data and message properties. As an example of its use, however, Apple's MobileMe service generates a 402 error ("httpStatusCode:402" in the Mac OS X Console log) if the MobileMe account is delinquent. 403 Forbidden The Wikipedia The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. 505 HTTP Version Not Supported The server does not support, this content Unless it was a HEAD request, the response SHOULD include an entity containing a list of resource characteristics and location(s) from which the user or user agent can choose the one

The actual current instance might not be available except by combining this response with other previous or future responses, as appropriate for the specific instance-manipulation(s). Rest Api Response Codes PRECONDITION_REQUIRED (428) Error code Description preconditionRequired The request requires a precondition that is not provided. variableTermLimitExceeded The request failed because a variable term quota limit was reached.

The 303 response MUST NOT be cached, but the response to the second (redirected) request might be cacheable.

Check the value of the URL path to make sure it is correct. An accompanying error message will explain why. METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED (405) Error code Description httpMethodNotAllowed The HTTP method associated with the request is not supported. Http Status Code Unlike a 401 Unauthorized response, authenticating will make no difference.

invalidQuery The request is invalid. The request MAY be resubmitted after reducing the size of the request header fields. Toggle navigation PlatformGatewaySecurityDeveloper PortalAnalyticsOperationsPlatform Add OnsPricingSolutionsIndustryRetailHealthcareTelecommunicationsFinancial ServicesPayment ServicesPublic SectorMedia & EntertainmentBuilt on ApigeeCommerce APIxHealth APIxIdentity APIxOpen Banking APIxAPI EcosystemsAmazon Web Services and ApigeePivotal Cloud Foundry and ApigeeCustomersSuccess StoriesVideosDevelopersConnect & LearnApigee CommunityResources http://dis-lb.net/api-error/api-error-codes-rails.php Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you!

The response SHOULD contain an entity describing why that version is not supported and what other protocols are supported by that server. Error Code: 32 Invalid value specified for grade Problem: The value specified for grade is not one of the allowed options. notDownload Only media downloads requests can be sent to /download/* URL paths. quotaExceeded The requested operation requires more resources than the quota allows.

PAYMENT_REQUIRED (402) Error code Description dailyLimitExceeded402 A daily budget limit set by the developer has been reached. Error Code: 7 Invalid timestamp Problem: Pardot could not decipher a specified timestamp. Get the T... 11986 Persistence Services for Optimizing Performance, B... 11981 Building a 21st Century Digital Government 13316 Staking your Claim in the Digital Gold Rush 11971 PCI Compliance: Protect Your This response indicates that the requested document has not been modified and that a cached response should be retrieved.

This interim response is used to inform the client that the initial part of the request has been received and has not yet been rejected by the server. Solution: Check for misspellings in the timeframe value. I'm not sure what "This code is reserved for future use." means exactly though.