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includeAll boolean If true, include all results (i.e. Do not retry. 403 1175 One or more publish options which you attempted to enable are disabled for this account. Overview Introduction Base URL: https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0 The Smartsheet API provides programmatic access to Smartsheet features and data. An empty cell is always represented by null for all of these attributes.

Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1091 Invalid Content-Type: POST [callbackUrl] Smartsheet-Hook-Challenge: d78dd1d3-01ce-4481-81de-92b4f3aa5ab1 { "webhookId": 2674017481058180 } 4 Do not retry without fixing the problem. 403 1092 You cannot To stay informed about changes to the API, subscribe to our Developer Newsletter (using the Get Developer Updates form on the Smartsheet Developer Portal) or follow us via Twitter. Not the answer you're looking for? They do not function elsewhere.


To enable lenient parsing simply include true7 in the Cell object in your request body. We can take a look at it . Enter the correct parameter to continue. For a list of Smartsheet API 2.0 deprecations, see Deprecations.

  1. You may need to escape it if displayed in HTML.
  2. To set up a Developer account, please visit the Smartsheet Developer Portal registration page.
  3. qaerr_CANTCHANGEDATABASE The country identifier specified in a call to QAProWV_UISetActiveCountry is not valid, either because it does not exist or the relevant dataset is not available.
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  5. And have you tried calling different api ? –inmyth May 13 '15 at 6:18 I have removed all the annotations and I do not get the stack size error
  6. DURATION string: a duration value such as “4d 6h 30m” in the user’s locale, or a free-form text value.See the Help Center for more information on durations.
  7. See Third Party App Development for more information.
  8. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1064 Invalid siblingId: status: "ENABLED"9.
  9. Yes: same as value for free-form strings; for contacts, the contact’s name if any, else their email address.

Do not retry. 403 1081 You cannot delete another user’s discussions, comments, or comment attachments. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1063 Invalid parentId: enabled: true0. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1072 Invalid hash value. Redshift Analyze No.

All other values are saved as text values. Redshift Query Concurrency To address this problem, the Smartsheet API employs a simple scheme to indicate whether you want a more predictable and strict interface or a more flexible one. Access Levels Throughout the API we have “Share” objects that represent the shared user’s access level. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/dg/vacuum-column-limit-exceeded-error.html How long does it take you to download the .json file?

Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1060 Column options are not allowed for column type enabled: true2. Redshift Wlm HTTPstatus code Meaning To Retry or Not to Retry? 2xx Request was successful.Example: 200 Success – 4xx A problem with request prevented it from executing successfully.Examples:400 Bad Request401 Not Authorized403 Forbidden404 If you need all results at once, you should specify the true2 query string parameter. Do you really want Smartsheet to keep the malformed date as a Text value?

Redshift Query Concurrency

If it has still not found a configuration file, then it returns this error. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30201401/retrofit-get-results-in-a-stack-size-error-1036-kb The following example sets wlm_query_slot_count to 10, performs a vacuum, and then resets wlm_query_slot_count to 1. Wlm_query_slot_count qaerr_CANTCHANGEENGINE An error possible when unable to change to a specified engine, or keep existing search engine when changing country. Redshift When To Vacuum The following example uses CREATE TABLE LIKE to perform a deep copy.

extracted broker.hpp: common code for example brokers (queue and handler) added select_broker.cpp example added url::port_int() to get the integer value of a URL. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1110 cell.value must be null if cell.linkInFromCell is non-null. when level 1 provided, but level 2 required) 404 - Resource does not exist or is not available for this shop (belongs to another shop) 409 - Resource conflict 415 - Media type not supported. Deep Copy Redshift

Do not retry without fixing the problem.Hint: Verify that the proper verb is specified for the request (GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE). 400 1011 A required header was missing or invalid: Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1044 Assume-User header is required for your Access Token. Once you have the Request working in cURL or Postman, update your code accordingly. We reserve the right to enforce this limit depending on the load on our systems.

Cheers!!! Do not retry without fixing the problem. 403 1016 The user is already a member of your account. qaerr_BADCONFIGFLAGS A nonsensical combination of flags was specified (e.g.

Paged Responses Index endpoints all return paged responses via an IndexResult object which provides paging metadata that can be used to navigate the full set of pages in the result set:

Concatenated format is POST [callbackUrl] Smartsheet-Hook-Challenge: d78dd1d3-01ce-4481-81de-92b4f3aa5ab1 { "webhookId": 2674017481058180 } 6, with a length of POST [callbackUrl] Smartsheet-Hook-Challenge: d78dd1d3-01ce-4481-81de-92b4f3aa5ab1 { "webhookId": 2674017481058180 } 5. The parsing rules for the various column types are as follows: TEXT_NUMBER: Strict All numeric and text values are valid and are interpreted literally. Please check your request headers and payload. Do not retry without fixing the problem.Hint: Examine the detail attribute(s) within the error response for detail about the issue(s). 400 1179 The schedule specified is invalid because endAt is earlier

Show ASF subversion and git services added a comment - 02/Nov/15 23:33 Commit cfd73cd073975dcdcf9c7a8ac076a7d6f68a9df6 in qpid-proton's branch refs/heads/master from Alan Conway [ https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf?p=qpid-proton.git;h=cfd73cd ] PROTON-1036 : c++: added select_broker to example Last JOB ID you can check is 50009075665. more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Lenient We will attempt to convert the string value to date using ISO 8601 date format, as well as several locale-specific date formats.

qaerr_UIAPINOTSTARTED The API has not been started. Accept Optional; if not specified, status: "DISABLED_VERIFICATION_FAILED"4 is assumed (i.e. Postman is one of many browser-based REST API clients. This solved my problem!

qaerr_UNKNOWNLAYOUTNAME The layout name specified in a call to QAProWV_UIGetActiveLayout is not available in the current configuration file. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1129 The resource you tried to create already exists. For more information, see Best Practices for Designing Queries.If increasing the value of wlm_query_slot_count is not an option, or if it doesn't solve the problem, you can avoid needing to vacuum To avoid this scenario, design your integration such that API requests to update a specific Smartsheet object are always executed serially (i.e., execute one request at time, not beginning the next

Most index endpoints default to a page size of 100 results. SDKs and Sample Code Smartsheet SDKs (client libraries) are available in a variety of languages. added proton::engine added proton::event_loop base class for proton::engine and proton::container. Information on duration strings can be found in the Help Center.

Do not retry without fixing the problem.Hint: Verify that the requester has “Group Admin” permissions in Smartsheet. 400 1105 The operation failed because one or more group members were not members Teenused Hinnad Kuidas liituda? Do not retry. 400 1031 The value webhookId7 was not valid for the attribute webhookId6. Do not retry without fixing the problem. 400 1062 Invalid row location.

Do not retry. 403 1022 Cannot delete the user specified. The following API operations currently allow you to do things in bulk: Add Column(s) Add Favorite(s) Remove Favorite(s) Add Group Member(s) Add Row(s) Copy Row(s) to Another Sheet Delete Row(s) Move This API documentation currently contains sample code in the following languages: cURL C# Java Node.js Python For each operation, you’ll Linked ApplicationsLoading… DashboardsProjectsIssuesAgile Help Online Help JIRA Agile Help JIRA Service Unlike single-object operations, bulk operations allow you to create, update, or delete mulitple objects in a single request, which we recommend as a best practice for optimal performance.

Date/Time DATETIME Used only by the following System-generated columns: Created (Date) (Column.systemColumnType = “CREATED_DATE”)Modified (Date) (Column.systemColumnType = “MODIFIED_DATE”) See the Cell Values section for information on getting and setting cell values