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An Unexpected Internal Application Error Has Occurred


p_row_num Number of the tabular form row where the error occurred. Why would APEX handle just some exceptions? Mar 5, 2013 We are close to successfully getting our CAS authentication integrated with Apex Listener 2.0 and Apex 4.2.1. This one seems to be the most prevalent. Source

Here I explain what changes I made to documentation example function. I imagine the last two could facilitate site translation, but that doesn't work much if there is no machinery for translating error messages themselves. Table 7-6 AUTO_SET_ASSOCIATED_ITEM Procedure Parameters Parameters Description p_error_result The result variable of your error handling function. p_additional_info Additional error information needed if the error is displayed on the error page. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc.41/e21676/apex_error.htm

Apex Error Handling Example

View 4 Replies View Related Application Express :: IR Report Value From Function Error Apr 11, 2013 i have ir report and one column value coming from function,when open the IR apex_error.add_error ( p_error_code => 'INVALID_CUSTOMER_ID', p0 => l_customer_id, p_display_location => apex_error.c_inline_with_field_and_notif, p_region_id => l_region_id, p_column_alias => 'CUSTOMER_ID', p_row_num => l_row_num ); AUTO_SET_ASSOCIATED_ITEM Procedure This procedure automatically sets the associated page item Nick LikeLiked by 1 person Reply Chandu says: April 20, 2015 at 18:43 Thanks for your quick response Nick.

This worked great in APEX Listener 1.1.3. It appears that only the first substitution string is doing anything. Would like make use of SSO for creating authentication schema. p_region_id The ID of the tabular form region on the current page.

Can Application Connect With Windows Authentication To Oracle Database Application Express :: Error Upgrading From To 4.1.1? Oracle Apex Error Message Or do you anticipate it happening in multiple locations? p_include_error_no If set to TRUE, ORA-xxxx is included in the returned error message. https://snipt.net/cjs/sample-code-for-oracle-application-express-error-handling/ To do so, construct an IF statement which is made up of two conditions: the encountered error is recognized as an internal error ignore errors related to authorization verification IF p_error.is_internal_error

This situation is identified by its limited scope (only those PCs from the same installation or the same service pack) and the consistency of failure across all Windows user profiles. sample data CONSTRAINT_LOOKUP table Finish it off Complete the error handling function by including the code snippet below. View 6 Replies View Related Application Express :: Single Authentication For All Applications In Workspace Apr 17, 2013 Our apex currently has LDAP authentication scheme. Noticed that APEX_LANG.MESSAGE function will return same value witch is passed in parameter p_name if it could not find that string from APEX text messages.

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Note: This procedure must be called before the Application Express application has performed the last validation or process. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/899873 But where to store real error message? Apex Error Handling Example Regards Patrick Fadi Samara on May 11, 2011 at 00:13 said: Hi Patrick, Thanks for this. Oracle Apex 5 Error Handling Problem is how can i put this string with several error messages into the right error message of APEX.

Notify me of new posts via email. View 3 Replies View Related Can Application Connect With Windows Authentication To Oracle Database Jul 16, 2013 Can application connect with windows authentication to oracle database? if so then how We have written a number of helper function to make your life as easy as possible. Note: This procedure must be called before the Application Express application has performed the last validation or process.

Using those columns, the procedure will get the first visible page item or tabular form column that is based on that column and set it as associated p_error_result.page_item_name or p_error_result.column_alias. Syntax APEX_ERROR.ADD_ERROR ( p_message in varchar2, p_additional_info in varchar2 default null, p_display_location in varchar2, p_page_item_name in varchar2); Parameters Table 7-2 describes the parameters available in the ADD_ERROR Procedure Signature 2. Stars shows current rating for this article.Thank you for rating this article. I am putting into my sample application that I am using to demonstrate an authentication plugin for Kscope 2013… Do you know if they have added any improvements to APEX 4.2

Syntax APEX_ERROR.GET_FIRST_ORA_ERROR_TEXT ( p_error in t_error, p_include_error_no in boolean default false ) return varchar2; Parameters Table 7-9 describes the parameters available in the GET_FIRST_ORA_TEXT function. The Dynamic Action does work when the application is run (in Development)also, there are 3 others that are similar to this one. Historical Number 22253232 Document information More support for: IBM i Access for Windows Software version: 5.4.0 Operating system(s): IBM i Reference #: N1017519 Modified date: 2013-07-03 Site availability Site assistance Contact

SYS_C0040010) are NOT being trapped, so make sure to name your not null constraints.

The returned WAI-ARIA attributes include: aria-invalid="true" - Indicates the page item's current value is invalid. It can be called in a validation or process to add one or more errors to the error stack. c_inline_with_field constant varchar2(40):='INLINE_WITH_FIELD'; c_inline_with_field_and_notif constant varchar2(40):='INLINE_WITH_FIELD_AND_NOTIFICATION'; c_inline_in_notification constant varchar2(40):='INLINE_IN_NOTIFICATION'; c_on_error_page constant varchar2(40):='ON_ERROR_PAGE'; The following constants are used for the API parameter associated_type in the t_error type. It also works for 200 dpi but fails always at 150 dpi or below when scanning a document to save as a PDF.I hope this helps and I hope that HP

If set to FALSE, values are not escaped. LikeLike Reply Nick Buytaert says: April 28, 2015 at 07:44 That is possible. Syntax function get_aria_error_attributes ( p_item_name in varchar2 ) return varchar2; Parameters Table 7-9 describes the parameters available in the GET_ARIA_ERROR_ATTRIBUTES function. LikeLike Reply Tony Miller says: July 18, 2013 at 15:02 Couldn't you handle the error locally?

We have many applications within the workspace. In the error handling function, use the v function to reference a page item's value. For example, if an end user violates a unique constraint then l_result.message will be initialized by a value that looks like this: "ORA-00001: unique constraint (SCHEMA.CONSTRAINT_NAME) violated". But that didn't work, so why bother!Cheers,Marcel Reply 0 0 ChrisW2010 Student Posts: 1 Member Since: ‎12-04-2009 Message 8 of 14 (17,132 Views) Report Inappropriate Content Re: "An unexpected internal error

Following is a list of registry keys that Client Access requires access to: HKLM\Software\IBM\Client Access\ HKCU\Software\IBM\Client Access Express\ HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\RNG\ HKCR\ HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\ IBM suggests that these keys retain default settings. A question is it also possible to make and or display a error stack like with CDM ruleframe from Headstart? View 4 Replies View Related Application Express :: LDAP Authentication Working But How To Add Roles And Rules Jan 22, 2013 I have got single sign on working via the built That's it for now, I hope you like the new possibilities and any feedback is always welcome!

Remove the technical information ORA-xxxx from Oracle errors or errors raised with RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR in triggers or packages. The user has asked that IR display.