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An Unknown Error Has Occurred In Entourage Ldap Server Error

Entourage has no limit. You can use the free "Split Recipients" script to send a mass e-mail in separate mailings automatically: Split Recipients for Entourage 2001 Split Recipients for Entourage X Most ISPs also require I wonder if the constant communication of trying to sync the Deleted Items folder interfered with the LDAP connection. Also run Apple's latest Combo updater. http://dis-lb.net/an-unknown/an-unknown-error-has-occurred-in-entourage.php

Account name: "Username"' Being over ones mailbox quota is a possible cause of this error. back to top Error -54 Can't read file "Database", error -54 (file is busy/locked), path: "Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2004 Identities/Main Identity/Database". The first time I created a new identity didn't work. I kind of discounted the network possibility when I pinged the exchange server and it worked... http://www.realgeek.com/forums/ldap-and-entourage-433923.html

That may help figure out if it is a client side or server side problem. On the server end you can try comparing the settings of a good user and a bad user in Active Directory (you can bring up the account dialogs for both, and The infamous '116Kb, message' is still around.

This applies to a user's primary calendar as well asdelegated calendars. Explanation: LDAP server error. On my Mac I had to use a specific port for LDAP. Now start up Entourage again and hopefully the problem will have been resolved.

It says: "This message has a digital signature. A read/write error has occurred (-40) Error -40 is a positioning error (tried to position before start of file). It reports that it's a digitally signed message (just one sentence), and the certificates look fine. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook-mso_mac/what-is-a-typical-cause-of-outlook-reporting-ldap/06966202-bd41-491b-a647-b23012d34a58 Gorman: I had a semicolon in my outgoing server name.

Go to it. Downloading Attachments infinite loop Outlook 2011 downloads all attachments in Inbox folder in batches of 20, and if you let it be, the process will eventually be finished. Import. Jenn Bush 2004-09-01 20:52:07 UTC PermalinkRaw Message -----Original Message-----We have around 4-5 Macs that we have Office 2k4 for Macsinstalled on.

You will probably see the exact error message sequence being returned by the LDAP server. click resources That doesn't look like a normal search base to me. posted Sep 29, 2016 at 9:33 PM international junk tab candace posted Sep 29, 2016 at 6:43 PM selecting workbook/sheet msnarayanan posted Sep 29, 2016 at 12:32 PM Word Mail Merge Outlook prompts you for password after the computer wakes up after sleep With Outlook open, use Finder to select the Applications folder, then the MSOffice folder, then holding the Control key

Method 3 NOTE: This method involves the use of a third party application or software and should be used after methods 1 and 2 are attempted. http://dis-lb.net/an-unknown/an-unknown-error-170-occurred-entourage.php This behavior is a result of RFC 2822 compliance in Entourage To work around the behavior I suggest that you increase the message size limit, this will allow you to send User receives error -199. back to top Error: 5421 (three different error descriptions) Mail could not be sent using the account .Mac.

Error -36 is often just a read/write error e.g. The update put new language encodings in the system folder without removing the old ones. Last resort would be to reinstall the OS. have a peek here Entourage is set up and working correctly on all of the Macs, however it is unable to search our white pages, which is run on LDAP.

Sign up now! To resolve, create a new mail account then try again. So, as Entourage tried to read these html emails, my program started getting regular 192 errors, blank screens, freezes and crashes.

The server is busy; try again later." Error: 5421 Odd part is that it doesn't happen to all addresses.

All client computers have been upgraded to the latest version of Office as well. in the process (I'd suggest making a backup of the user's identity folder too). I could never find anything on it, or what caused it. The Exchange server was rejecting this person's mail because it didn't recognize the user as being a part of somecompany.com.

This can decrease performance in Outlook for Mac. Check for a bad message. This error is also associated with printing errors. -192 error could be coming from the OS. http://dis-lb.net/an-unknown/an-unknown-error-50-occurred-entourage.php Site Navigation Download updates from Office Mac or use AutoUpdate under Help in the menu bar.

back to top Error -18599 Error tied to password. When the Rebuild dialog box comes up, choose to do a Typical Rebuild. Entourage Email Connecting to ldap.yahoo.com Virus or Trojan? 9. We also disabled (on the Exchange 2003 servers): Properties > Access tab > Secure communication > Communication button > "Require secure channel" option back to top Error -7129

You should contact your mail provider to ascertain the maximum number of recipients per message and note it. Some net admin forbid sending e-mails if the e-mail address you use is not one of "theirs"...