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An Unanticipated Error Has Occurred In The Application.retrieve

Service com.sap.aii.af.ispeak.svc started. (728 ms). For example: # zpool status -v pool: monkey state: ONLINE status: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data corruption. This scenario results in downtime that is proportional to the size of the file system being checked. Loading: ConfigurationManager ... 8136 ms. http://dis-lb.net/an-unanticipated/an-unanticipated-error-has-occurred-in-the-application-display.php

I'm using Win10 64bit and when I try to Start a test I get the following error: MSlocalware - error starting the form. Resolving a Missing Device If a device cannot be opened, it displays as UNAVAIL in the zpool status output. Action: Check that the process has permission to write the configuration file. Reconfigure the disk (c1t3d0). http://mostlytech.blogspot.com/2009/11/measureup-fail.html

Level: 1 Type: NOTIFICATION Impact: Configuration DMS-50938: duplicated <{3} Name="{0}"> in table "{1}" for metric table "{2}" Cause: (See message) Action: Review the content of the metric rule document and check In the control panel, double click on the icon labeled "Keyboard". For example: # zpool status -v pool: tank state: UNAVAIL status: One or more devices are faulted in response to IO failures. Level: 1 Type: WARNING Impact: Configuration DMS-50978: Exception occurred while registering metric rules "{0}" Cause: (See message) Action: Review the exception chain in log files for the cause and correct the

Corrupted ZFS Data Data corruption occurs when one or more device errors (indicating missing or damaged devices) affects a top-level virtual device. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved Hello, I'm sorry you're having troubles installing the practice test. The error is: Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT:0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)) I Bing'ed and Google'd the error message, but dont' see anything helpful. Service servlet_jsp started. (1791 ms).

Learn more about Plesk. This feature might not be supported on all hardware. Loading: ServiceManager ... read review Action: If a file can not be properly closed then the operating system's file-handle associated with that file may not be properly released.

Repairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration ZFS maintains a cache of active pools and their configuration on the root file system. Service tcsecdestinations~service started. (2824 ms). Loading services.: Service memory started. (45 ms). Posted and Close O'Reilly Media (Account) Your Dashboard Profile Information Email & Notifications Sign out Log in or Sign up O'Reilly Media employees are here to help.

Even still, whether the damage is permanent does not necessarily indicate that the error is likely to occur again. http://www.measureup.com/knowledgebase.aspx Cause: An error occurred attempting to activate the DMS configuration. Level: 1 Type: NOTIFICATION Impact: Other DMS-50983: Exception occurred while reading metric configuration file "{0}". Level: 1 Type: WARNING Impact: Other DMS-58020: failure writing DMS configuration file {0} Cause: An error occurred attempting to save the DMS configuration file.

Service pmi started. (1138 ms). Check This Out Service com.adobe~PDFManipulation started. (4888 ms). All rights reserved. Choose...

Review log files for more information on this issue. Level: 1 Type: NOTIFICATION Impact: Configuration DMS-50981: Exception occurred while reading metric rules "{0}". Action: Determine if there is any code in the system that integrates with the Oracle DMS Context API (java package oracle.dms.context) but was not produced by Oracle. http://dis-lb.net/an-unanticipated/an-unanticipated-error-has-occurred-in-the-application-display-measureup.php Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved Installed the Training Kit Exam Prep application for Web App Development with .NET Framework 4 (MCTS Exam 70-515).

Then complete the installation as normal and install any one of your tests or all of them. These errors are typically permanent. If two disks in a four-way mirror are faulted, then either disk can be replaced because healthy replicas are available.

Given that the fsck utility is designed to repair known pathologies specific to individual file systems, writing such a utility for a file system with no known pathologies is impossible.

Bring the disk (c1t3d0) back online. These errors might have been found during disk scrubbing or during normal operation. In this case the URI could not be found; without the URI the trace information collected cannot be aggregated. Service log_configurator started. (24331 ms).

Cause: An attempt to delete a file system file has failed (the deletion attempt was intended to keep files organized and their number manageable). Scrubbing Status The third section of the zpool status output describes the current status of any explicit scrubs. Action: Review the error to see if it can be resolved and then restart the server. http://dis-lb.net/an-unanticipated/an-unanticipated-error-has-occurred-in-the-application-insert-score-history.php Loading: CacheManager ... 410 ms.

Future experience might prove that certain data corruption problems are common enough and simple enough such that a repair utility can be developed, but these problems can always be avoided by Currently I'm mostly working on WPF and some Silverlight. Other pathologies can exist and depend on the type of hardware and its configuration. Action: The dms_config.xml configuration file must be corrected manually before configuration changes are allowed.

A DMS trace is composed of a series of DMS trace events that represent an operation performed within DMS. Action: Remove the event route(s) first, before removing the destination. Action: Execute the command again, using a different data type. Checking ZFS File System Integrity No fsck utility equivalent exists for ZFS.

For more information on repairing data errors, see Repairing Damaged Data.