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An Sql Error - 1024 Occurred During Processing


SQL0842 SQLCODE -842 SQLSTATE 08002 SQL0842 SQLCODE -842 SQLSTATE 08002 Explanation: Connection already exists.: Connection already exists. Description: Invalid parameter of the translate function. SQL0451 SQLCODE -451 SQLSTATE 42815 SQL0451 SQLCODE -451 SQLSTATE 42815 Explanation: Attributes of parameter & 1 not valid for procedure.: Parameters and not a valid property. Where does the term "Praise the Sun" come from? Source

SQL3018N Period is specified as a string delimiter. Do you have a DB2 support contract? Cause: The filetype parameter must be DEL, ASC, IXF, WSF, or DB2CS for the command. The file may not be a PC/IXF file. http://www.dbforums.com/showthread.php?995130-DB2-Error-SQL-1024

Sql3015n An Sql Error -572

Cause: The tcolumn-list must be delimited by parentheses. For export, there are more lobs than the number of lobfile names provided multiplied by SQLU_MAX_SESSIONS. 5 The combination of a lobpath name and lobfile name would exceed the maximum size SQL0707 SQLCODE -707 SQLSTATE 42939 SQL0707 SQLCODE -707 SQLSTATE 42939 Explanation: Name & 1 in & 2 not allowed for distinct type. User Response For reason code 01, correct the length of the file name, the file name and / or path.

SQLSTATE = 428A1). Description: Function and 2 invalid 1. Cause: The C-record count field in the T record is not an ASCII representation of a number or is a number that is not valid for this field. SQ30021 SQLCODE -30021 SQLSTATE 58010 SQ30021 SQLCODE -30021 SQLSTATE 58010 Explanation: Distributed relational database not supported by the remote system.

The filetype parameter must be ASC, DEL, IXF, or DB2CS for the LOAD command. Sql3015n An Sql Error "-572" Occurred During Processing The command cannot be processed. Action: Resubmit the command with valid dcolumn positions. SQL3046N The number of columns in the METHOD parameter is less than one. Reason code: reason code. More hints Cause: The specified column was not in the input file.

The utility stops processing. SQL0051 SQLCODE -51 SQLSTATE 3C000 SQL0051 SQLCODE -51 SQLSTATE 3C000 Explanation: Cursor or procedure & 1 previously declared.: Cursor or process and a previous declaration. SQLSTATE=00000 0 LVL 45 Overall: Level 45 DB2 30 Message Active 1 day ago Expert Comment by:Kdo2011-06-08 Hi me, IBM warns that direct migration of the client from version 7 SQL0475 SQLCODE -475 SQLSTATE 42866 SQL0475 SQLCODE -475 SQLSTATE 42866 Explanation: RETURNS data type for function & 3 in & 4 not valid.

Sql3015n An Sql Error "-572" Occurred During Processing

SQL0117 SQLCODE -117 SQLSTATE 42802 SQL0117 SQLCODE -117 SQLSTATE 42802 Explanation: Statement inserts wrong number of values.: Insert the value of the number of errors in the table. http://www.dbatodba.com/Forums/db2/579536915 Valid markup: & 2. Sql3015n An Sql Error -572 The output may be incomplete or the disk may be full. Sqlcode The utility stops processing.

Cause: The METHOD parameter in the command is not valid. Description: the unexpected client driver error. SQL0484 SQLCODE -484 SQLSTATE 42733 SQL0484 SQLCODE -484 SQLSTATE 42733 Explanation: Routine & 1 in & 2 already exists.: Conventional & 1 & 2 already exists. This error can refer to a problem on either the client or the server.

SQL0478 SQLCODE -478 SQLSTATE 42893 SQL0478 SQLCODE -478 SQLSTATE 42893 Explanation: Object & 1 in & 2 of type & 3 cannot be dropped.: With the type of object and 32 SQL0952 SQLCODE -952 SQLSTATE 57014 SQL0952 SQLCODE -952 SQLSTATE 57014 Explanation: Processing of the SQL statement ended by ENDRDBRQS command.: By the ENDRDBRQS orders end processing of SQL statements. Cause: The identifier field in the H record does not identify the file as a PC/IXF file. have a peek here In fact, the table: PT_ATTACH has a LOB column: ATTACHCONTENT, and this table estimate size is about: 10G db2 => select sum (attachsize) / 1024/1024/1024 from pt_attach 1 --------------------------------- 10.

SQL0183 SQLCODE -183 SQLSTATE 22008 SQL0183 SQLCODE -183 SQLSTATE 22008 Explanation: The result of a date or timestamp expression not valid.: Date or timestamp expression invalid results. SQL3059N Version field in the H record is invalid. Cause: The maximum number of columns that a worksheet format (WSF) spreadsheet can contain is 256.

No data is loaded or unloaded. Action: Contact your technical service representative. SQL3066N While reading or looking for the T record, the end of the file was reached.

SQL0616 SQLCODE -616 SQLSTATE 42893 SQL0616 SQLCODE -616 SQLSTATE 42893 Explanation: & 1 in & 2 type & 3 cannot be dropped with RESTRICT.: & 1 & 2 and 3 can Am I using the wrong commands? SQL0603 SQLCODE -603 SQLSTATE 23515 SQL0603 SQLCODE -603 SQLSTATE 23515 Explanation: Unique index cannot be created because of duplicate keys.: Unique index can not be created because of duplicate keys. The LOAD/IMPORT utility stops processing.

SQL0407 SQLCODE -407 SQLSTATE 23502 SQL0407 SQLCODE -407 SQLSTATE 23502 Explanation: Null values ??are not allowed in column & 1.: Null value is not allowed columns and 1. SQL7010 SQLCODE -7010 SQLSTATE 42850 SQL7010 SQLCODE -7010 SQLSTATE 42850 Explanation: Logical file & 1 in & 2 not valid for CREATE VIEW.: Logical file with 1 and 2 CREATE VIEW. SQL0410 SQLCODE -410 SQLSTATE 42820 SQL0410 SQLCODE -410 SQLSTATE 42820 Explanation: Floating point literal & 1 not valid.: Floating-point text & 1 is invalid. SQL0118 SQLCODE -118 SQLSTATE 42902 SQL0118 SQLCODE -118 SQLSTATE 42902 Explanation: Table & 1 in & 2 also specified in a FROM clause.: Table & 1 & 2 is specified in

The utility stops processing. Action: If the output data file is incomplete, erase it and resubmit the command. SQL3003C An I/O error occurred while closing the output data file. The message file is not closed. Action: If the message file is incomplete, resubmit the command. SQL3015N An SQL error "" occurred during processing. The file may not be a PC/IXF file. SQL0221 SQLCODE -221 SQLSTATE 42873 SQL0221 SQLCODE -221 SQLSTATE 42873 Explanation: Number of rows & 2 not valid.: Line and not a valid number.

The command cannot be processed. Action: Resubmit the statement with a valid msgfile and/or remotefile parameter. SQL3028N The export method indicator is not valid. SQL0773 SQLCODE -773 SQLSTATE 20000 SQL0773 SQLCODE -773 SQLSTATE 20000 Explanation: Case not found for CASE statement.: Case not found CASE statement. Boundary: The application can not be promised. SQL0452N can not access the main variable "12" referenced file.

No data is loaded. Action: Examine the length field in the A records. SQL3071N The data-convention field in the T record is not C. For LOAD, the tablename or the exception tablename in the Action String is not valid. SQL0461 SQLCODE -461 SQLSTATE 42846 SQL0461 SQLCODE -461 SQLSTATE 42846 Explanation: Cast from & 1 to & 2 not supported. Cause: The user attempted to export data without the appropriate authorization (either the SYSADM or DBADM authority), or the CONTROL or SELECT privilege for each table involved in the export.

SQL0404 SQLCODE -404 SQLSTATE 22001 SQL0404 SQLCODE -404 SQLSTATE 22001 Explanation: Value for column & 1 too long.: Value too long. The cell coordinate contains a value outside the valid range.