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Apache Ssi An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive


The SSI variables set with the var element are exported into the request environment and can be accessed with the reqenv function. This would be useful if you've used static HTML files and have lots of links going towards those filenames, and don't want to change them all. As well, Apache will activate the INCLUDES filter for any document with mime type text/x-server-parsed-html or text/x-server-parsed-html3 (and the resulting output will have the mime type text/html). The include function can determine what file to include with either the file attribute, or the virtual attribute. http://dis-lb.net/an-error/apache-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-directive.php

Does mean=mode imply a symmetric distribution? If set to urlencoded, application/x-www-form-urlencoded compatible encoding will be performed instead, and should be used with query strings. To append, enable, or disable options in your .htaccess file, we recommend adding a + or - before the item you want to modify. Anyways, I figured you must have some problem with the coding of the SSI Directives on your PHP code.

An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Joomla

In order to avoid cross-site scripting issues, you should always encode user supplied data. In this article, I'll talk about configuring your server to permit SSI, and introduce some basic SSI techniques for adding dynamic content to your existing HTML pages. However, the directory containing the script must be enabled for CGI scripts (with ScriptAlias or Options ExecCGI). The following code, placed in your HTML document, will put such a time stamp on your page.

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  2. The decoding setting will remain in effect until the next decoding attribute is encountered, or the element ends.
  3. The test condition is evaluated and if the result is true, then the text until the next elif, else or endif element is included in the output stream.
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  5. The value of file cannot start with a slash (/), nor can it contain ../ so as to refer to a file above the current directory or outside of the document
  6. at the beginning.

Apache Friends Support Forum Skip to content Advanced search Board index ‹ XAMPP in English ‹ XAMPP for Windows Change font size Print view FAQ Register Login Server Side Include not not in any folder inside webroot), folder_name/file_name.ext without any dots or slashes has worked. How do I align the view to the local axis of an object? An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Bluehost The encoding attribute must precede the corresponding var attribute to be effective.

sourcetip: Windows users may have trouble creating a file starting with a dot, as .htaccess files require. An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Wordpress If the KeptBodySize directive is correctly configured and valid for this included file, attempts to POST requests to the enclosing HTML document will be passed through to subrequests as POST Why? If set to url, then URL decoding (also known as %-encoding; this is appropriate for use within URLs in links, etc.) will be performed.

If set to base64, base64 will be decoded, and if set to entity, HTML entity encoding will be stripped. An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Html If SSI is not enabled, these errors would not show up; instead they are interpreted as simple comments. I haven't had the time to check out the number of dots and dashes required for any other level in the hierarchy! Password Validation in Python Usage of "it" to start a sentence more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile

An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Wordpress

This directive allows to switch to the old syntax which is compatible with Apache HTTPD version 2.2.x and earlier. Short circuit evaluation is turned off as long as there are regular expressions to deal with. An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Joomla As a result, by default the server is asked not to generate an ETag header for the response by adding no-etag to the request notes. An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Justhost The include Element This command inserts the text of another document or file into the parsed file.

You can even include CGI scripts: This will print the output of the executed CGI script to the page. http://dis-lb.net/an-error/apache2-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-directive.php RemoteAction Vs REST? These must be evaluated to fill in the backreference variables ($1 .. $9). Why did companions have such high social standing? An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Godaddy

I set it back to 755 and it worked fine. Note that a backend server or dynamic content generator may generate an ETag of its own, ignoring no-etag, and this ETag will be passed by mod_include regardless of the value Note that this feature is exceedingly dangerous, as it will execute whatever code happens to be embedded in the exec tag. check over here In fact, the exec element is provided by mod_cgi, and will only be available if this module is loaded.

Search the Source ¤ Full Index About Contact Updates Path // www.yourhtmlsource.com → Site Management → SERVER SIDE INCLUDES Server Side Includes by Ross Shannon One of the trickiest aspects of An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Php Of course, on Windows, there is no such thing as an execute bit to set, so that limits your options a little. DevelopmentAn Error Occurred While Processing This DirectiveIf you are using Apache/PHP/MySQL, this is an error message which you can often see and can occur for a couple of reason.1.

in the includes folder <--- Works!

Optimization of Boolean Expressions If the expressions become more complex and slow down processing significantly, you can try to optimize them according to the evaluation rules: Expressions are evaluated from left SSIEndTag "%>" See also SSIStartTag SSIErrorMsg Directive Description:Error message displayed when there is an SSI error Syntax:SSIErrorMsg message Default:SSIErrorMsg "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" Context:server config, virtual host, Add this to the vhost template: Options +Includes This should solve the problem, let me know how it goes :). An Error Occurred While Processing This Directive Drupal encoding Specifies how Apache should encode special characters contained in the variable before outputting them.

If it isn't a 403 error, how you fix this error depends on how the file generating the error references other files. Go! but i've done some search for your issue. http://dis-lb.net/an-error/apache2-ssi-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-directive.php September 2009 03:06 Top Re: Server Side Include not working in XAMPP 1.7.2!

Enabling SSI in a Directory If you're concerned about the performance loss that occurs by enabling SSI across a large website, you can enable it on only a single directory by SSI directives can be contained in the included file, and includes can be nested - that is, the included file can include another file, and so on. The default is none, where no decoding will be done. The captured parts are stored in the special variables $1 .. $9.

Also, just my opinion, but it's good practice to put your includes in a directory of their own (usually named "inc" or "includes"). Getting lost? Either way, once it is placed into the parent page your browser won't know any better and will treat it exactly as if it were all a single file in the Attributes: var The name of the variable to set.

This lets SSI be a tiny programming language of sorts. mod_include provides an if, elif, else, endif structure for building conditional statements. I deleted the old includes code to the non-existent .ssi file in those pages, and that fixed the error. For now, here are some examples of what you can do with SSI Today's date The echo function just spits out the value of a variable.