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Apache2 Custom 404 Error Page


If none of these troubleshooting tips uncover your problem… now might be a good time to seriously consider hiring that contract IT guy or gal. Incidentally, you should make your 404 page larger than 512 bytes, even when you are testing. Did you add a blank line after your ErrorDocument line of code? I much prefer to set a default 404 that all VH's respect. –Mark Mar 1 '14 at 16:13 Well, that would be very hard to do seeing as how http://dis-lb.net/404-error/apache2-404-error-page.php

Ask in the comments section below. The text must be wrapped in quotes (") if it consists of more than one word. Additionally, a set of values are provided, so that the error document can be customized further based on the values of these variables, using Server Side Includes. Copyright © 2016 DigitalOcean™ Inc. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-a-custom-404-page-in-apache

Apache Custom 404 Error Page

Contact Support: Support Chat SKYPE 888.321.HOST(4678) WEB HOSTING BUSINESS HOSTING VPS HOSTING DEDICATED SERVERS RESELLER HOSTING WORDPRESS HOSTING MANAGED HOSTING PREMIER SUPPORT ™ DOMAINS WEB DESIGN WEB DESIGN SERVICES CREATE YOUR Creating Your Custom Error Pages We will create a few custom error pages for demonstration purposes, but your custom pages will obviously be different. Remember, you don't want to lose that visitor, so do all you can to help him/her. I don't want to keep duplicating files in each VH.

Search Search Ask the Community! You may wish to provide custom error responses which are either friendlier, or in some language other than English, or perhaps which are styled more in line with your site layout. You can read more about how to subscribe to RSS site feeds from my RSS FAQ. Apache 404 Redirect Now that you are ready to edit the .htaccess file, the simplest way to set a 404 error page is by directly setting a 404 error message in the .htaccess file

Configuration Available Variables Customizing Error Responses Multi Language Custom Error Documents See alsoComments Configuration Custom error documents are configured using the ErrorDocument directive, which may be used in global, virtualhost, Php 404 Error Page It is the program that "serves" your web pages to your visitors.) Step One: Creating/Modifying the .htaccess File This step may not be necessary in all situations. Meaning that if you place the new error page in a deeper subdirectory, you need to include that in the line, making into something like this: ErrorDocument 404 /error_pages/new404.html See the Please do not reproduce or distribute this article in whole or part, in any form.

If you are using Windows, is the document using UNIX-style line endings? Apache 404 Error For example, at the time of this writing, if you host at free web hosts like Geocities or Tripod, you will not be able to customize your 404 Error Page. Some web hosts already configure their web server so that it will look for a specific file in your web directory when a certain document cannot be found. Many people prefer to simply type a query than to scan through your site map.

Php 404 Error Page

Common Errors with a 404 Custom Error Page The most common error people have with their custom error page is making a mistake in the URL they put in their .htaccess Analytics & CROMake the most of traffic with analytics tracking and conversion optimization. Apache Custom 404 Error Page Is there a limit on how much is customizable on WordPress? Tomcat 404 Error Page Copyright © 2016 DigitalOcean™ Inc.

A custom 404 page is a good opportunity to keep them on your site and do more to redirect them to their destination. have a peek at these guys If I have a VirtualHost for the filepath /var/www/test then you would put the 404 HTML document in the root of that directory. Think of it like baking a cake: you have the recipe, now you just need to put all the ingredients together. Try to back up one directory in the URL (ie, web address) and try again? Apache Set 404 Page

Configuring Apache to Use your Error Pages Now, we just need to tell Apache that it should be utilizing these pages whenever the correct error conditions occur. Which Web Hosting Package / Plan Should You Choose? Step Three: Use a text editor to edit the .htaccess file Using your text editor, add this one line of code to your .htaccess file, followed by a blank line: ErrorDocument 404 check over here All rights reserved.

Learn how to set this up by following the first step of this guide. Apache Error Document If you force your FTP to show hidden files and you still don’t see a .htaccess file, it means you don’t have one and you will have to make one. Or, you can have error conditions handled by a cgi program, or other dynamic handler (PHP, mod_perl, etc) which makes use of these variables.

This should only be set when the ErrorDocument directive processes a request.

Have questions? What happens to Batgirl after The Killing Joke? Custom 404 error pages are put into place to fend off confusion, explain the situation, and offer thoughtful next steps that keep the ball rolling. Apache 404 Not Found Error Implement the 404 Page To edit the 404 page, open up or create the site's .htaccess file.

Learn more about Hacktoberfest Related Tutorials How To Migrate your Apache Configuration from 2.2 to 2.4 Syntax. For instance, a Perl ErrorDocument script might include the following: ... Train carriages in the Czech Republic more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life this content Can I use the Trip Attack maneuver on a already prone enemy?

How to handle spending money for extended trip to Europe without credit card? Under the Files section click on File Manager. How To Get Started With mod_pagespeed with Apache on a CentOS and Fedora Cloud Server How To Use the .htaccess File How To Set Up Mod_Rewrite (page 2) How to Create Source - Subin's Blog share|improve this answer edited Jun 16 '13 at 17:07 answered Nov 11 '12 at 12:13 Subin 27231026 1 This would require "AllowOverride" config in apache to

If the script is dedicated to handling a particular error condition, such as 404NotFound, it can use the specific code and error text instead. It looks like there are no questions about this page. Sign into your account, or create a new one, to start interacting. All rights reserved.

Learn more about servers and how to get your web pages found, crawled and indexed with these technical SEO tips. Then test it by typing a URL that you know does not exist. Can you spot any typos in your ErrorDocument line of code? Otherwise, the first thing you need to do is to add the following line to a file named .htaccess (note the preceding period).

The Chrome browser behaves no better.